Stonespec has a strong supply chain, both here in the UK and throughout Europe. This allows us to acquire the very best materials, of the most suitable quality for all projects at economic and competitive prices. Regular visits to suppliers during the contract period ensure controls over quality are consistently maintained on each project.


Stonespec seeks to work closely with Architects, Designers, Contractors and Homeownes to help ensure that the Client's Design Criteria are successfully followed and achieved - both from materials selection through to full understanding of the implementation and installation process. the close working relationships established help to identify potential problems and issues at an early stage thus allowing the time to then provide good solutions at an early stage.


Working to exacting standards require not only highly competent installation teams but also efficient, experienced management. Every project, however large or small, is supported throughout by a Contract Managements process that is responsible for the preparation of working drawings, cutting sheets, Health and Safety reviews, procurement, planning, logistics and the overall competent complketion of projects - on time and within budgets.

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